Staff Evaluation

Observations, appraisals and other performance information
through customizable, electronic forms.


EzEvaluation Overview

EzEvaluation is a unique application provided by ProTraxx to consolidate observations, appraisals and other performance information through customizable, electronic forms. Through EzEvaluation, administrators and teachers can access more pertinent and important information about teacher performance. It is easy to make and customize a new evaluation process for your educational institution with data-ready, online forms.

The real breakthrough comes with integration of both the staff performance and professional development processes on a single platform for all users. Tying these two critical staff development functions together creates powerful resource opportunities for administrators and educators alike. For example, if an educator is identified as having exceptional math pedagogy skills on their performance evaluation, that individual could be targeted as instructor to share those skills with other teachers in the district’s professional development program offerings. Conversely, educators who have an area for improvement noted on their performance evaluation can prioritize professional development opportunities that will address improvement of that area. For ProTraxx, it’s all about finding ways to help our clients get the most out of every dollar they invest in their largest budget item – professional teaching staff. To start using EzEvaluation and EzTraxx Online at your district, Contact Us today!


  • Automate the entire staff evaluation process from implementation and administration to scheduling, tracking and reporting
  • Integrate with electronic staff records for certification, professional development, assessment, education and HQT status
  • Take advantage of email communication tools for greater efficiency and process control
  • Provide extensive reporting options for compliance tracking, data compilation and analysis


  • Replaces paper-based documentation and manual process tracking with automated database-driven functionality
  • Web-based, form-builder application has virtually limitless design options and data capture
  • Connects directly with the professional development process for each staff member, incorporating defined goals and objectives, transcript records and Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP)
  • Flexible reporting tools access and report out staff performance information according to national, state and district criteria

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