Graduate Study

The ideal solution for districts with mandated staff programs
for ongoing graduate study.


EzGraduate Study Overview

The ideal solution for districts with mandated staff programs for ongoing graduate study with course and degree reimbursement incentives.

EzGraduate Study is a comprehensive graduate study tracking application, equipping K-12 districts with the ability to plan, track, manage, and report on graduate-level course work completed and degrees earned by staff members. This fully web-based solution automates the entire graduate study process from plan creation, course alignment, approval, completion, reimbursement, and payment. As a hosted web portal, the system provides secure, 24/7 access making it fast and easy for every member of your administrative team and teaching staff to manage and report graduate study information.


  • Create graduate study plans with course-level details
  • Automatic transfer to next graduate study plan
  • Approval of graduate study courses
  • Reimbursement requests and approval
  • Payment requests and approval
  • Multiple reimbursement and payment cycles
  • Forecast reimbursement budget/payment obligations


  • Saves money and time throughout the district
  • Comprehensive electronic documentation for audit purposes
  • A green, paperless solution for your organization
  • Access to a single, verifiable record of authority
  • Enhances data integrity and reduces processing errors
  • Improves communication and accountability district-wide
  • Makes it easy to access, monitor and report state-mandated requirements
  • Facilitates program and budget planning

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