At ProTraxx, nothing is more important to us than serving our customers well, and we pride ourselves on the commitment we make to ensure that our every client has a customized professional development management and staff evaluation solution that meets their needs, and receives the training necessary to use that solution to its fullest. When you begin work with the ProTraxx team, you will receive expert, personal service from trained members of our staff, not some automated answering service or convoluted manual. We frequently work with clients to customize their configuration of our soluiton, and to develop additional functionality, integration and web services that fit each organization’s needs perfectly. Contact Us today for more information about these services.


ProTraxx stands out from the crowd as a leader in implementation services. From day one, the ProTraxx team will work with you to identify timelines, clearly define roles and responsibilities, select data for import, schedule hands-on training sessions, and much more. Our implementation team is led by a career K-12 educator or administrator with comprehensive knowledge and experience working with educational organizations. We have database and training specialists that coordinate those aspects of the implementation specifically, and serve as ongoing support resources to insure success when the project is complete. All new clients receive a complete implementation plan that is based in the expertise we’ve developed and refined working for 12 years with over 150 school districts, education departments and service agencies. Each implementation plan combines these best practice processes in addition to client-specific requirements from conversations between our team and yours. The implementation plan serves as a working document to guide each new client through the process of setting up and rolling out ProTraxx solutions to throughout their organization.


Once each new client system has been fully configured and is ready for use, we provide two hands-on training sessions, to ensure that all appropriate staff members receive skills training and applied practice with the system. The two training sessions are targeted toward different types of users, based on the roles, responsibilities and data access requirements established within each client organization. Training curriculum includes a complete overview of the functionality, system options, best practices, and support resources available to our newest clients. The primary objective for all ProTraxx training services is to provide the skills and practice for users to achieve proficiency so that your organization will realize a return on its investment as soon as possible.

Data Exchange

ProTraxx’s EzCertification Data Exchange is a service uniquely provided by the ProTraxx team, which transfers educator certification data into the EzPD system directly from the State Department of Education’s certification database. We work with your state’s Department of Education to provide employee certification data right from the source, ensuring accuracy. EzCertification Data Exchange publishes up-to-date certification information into each teacher’s individual summary pages. This allows your district’s teachers to understand and address their recertification requirements proactively, while eliminating the need for manual data entry by school personnel.

Data Upload

Switching to ProTraxx’s professional development management software won’t mean that your previous records are lost. The service provided by Protraxx makes the transition to our products completely painless and very simple. EzData Upload first interfaces with SIS, HR, payroll and any other legacy professional development providers. This software then populates your ProTraxx professional development software applications with as much relevant data as possible current data as possible. The ProTraxx team can perform this work initially, as well as on an ongoing basis using our EzData Upload Service.


ProTraxx is fully integrated with Active Directory, Moneris, PayFloPro, Paypal, Badgr, Azure, Zoom, Google Meet, Instructure (Canvas), Moodle and more...

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